January 12, 2011


We had our first come dine with me session of the new year at my house yesterday. With the advent of new year's resolutions, I kept it super healthy and easy.

- Hummus and carrots
- Stir Fry Chicken and lettuce wraps
- Jackfruit and Lychee

I put the appetizers out on the living room table and then went into the kitchen to start the main dish. After a couple of minutes, I came back out to check on the gals and this is what I saw:

BRRRR! It's cold in the house! I forgot to change the timer on our heat and it was still chilly when we came on. Even on full blast it was chilly- How embarrassing!


Anonymous said...

Hey...I have been following your blog for some time, ever since I moved to Dublin...I really enjoying following whatever you get up to...I have a question you might have a reply to...do you know if there is a sort of bloggers meetup in Dublin? Well take care...Cec


Anonymous said...

Hey...thank you for the congrats...no wedding plan updates (30th february does not exists)...I moved to Ireland last October to do a PhD...so probably we will get married once I finish...i.e. in about 3 years time...I have found a softball team to play with, but would be willing to try anything else...do you play any sport?

utran28 said...

HA! I just read engaged and got really excited. All I think about day and night are weddings :) I don't play any sport (I'm terrible at hand eye coordination!) but do work out and dance( yoga, pole, etc) :)

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