January 26, 2011


I'm such a liar. I said I wouldn't talk about weddings while at school, but one of the gals in my class recently got engaged and two others recently got married. As you can imagine, we haven't shut up about weddings since Monday :)

One of the girls is American and moved to the UK for work, but she got married in a Sonoma California vineyard (swoon!). When she told me that her wedding was featured on StyleMePretty, one of my MOST favorite wedding blogs, I nearly died of jealousy.

Look at how GORGEOUS!  I kept on asking her questions about her wedding with the hope that she'll just plan mine for me....wishful thinking! Enjoy the rest of the pictures here. 

 (Source- StyleMePretty)


Danielle said...

hi there! i started reading your blog recently...i just checked out the pictures of your new friends wedding...i die! they are GORGEOUS! is there any way you can ask her where she got those AMAZING shoes?! i'd loooove to know!!!

i hope you have a wonderful time planning your wedddding! i looove hearing about it on your blog :-)

utran28 said...

Hi Danielle!
Thanks for reading. How jealous, right? I will definitely ask her about the shoes and let you know :)


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