November 18, 2010

Walking around Stockholm

So after reveling in our boat, we decided to take a walk around the city. Why not, right? :) We spent both days just walking around and exploring, but got sooo tired because it gets dark at 3:45! Ekks! What I loved most about the city is that there are candles EVERYWHERE- in front of store doors, in windows on tables everywhere. It was lovely and gave the city a very cozy, Christmassy-feel.  Stockholm is gorgeous, and I'll let the photos do the talking.

 Making new friends
 Swedish Meatballs! (I sadly did NOT get any reindeer- I don't want to talk about it)

View of the old town streets

Along the waters
 Amazing Food Hall!

Yup. We did it- The ice bar tourist trap and to be honest, I loved every freezing cold minutes of it. ;)

Cheers with glasses made of ice

View of Stockholm from above


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