November 16, 2010

I'm on a mother f-ing boat!

We had the most wonderful time this weekend in Sweden. BF and I flew in to Stockholm on Friday night and checked into our BOAT which was aMAZING. We kept saying "I'm a mother f-ing boat" from the silly SNL skit all weekend. (It didn't get old once!)

BF had found an old yacht that was being masked as a hotel situated in the waters along Gramla Stan. It was built for the Woolworth's hieress, Ms. Barbara Hutton, for her 21st birthday.

Here she is! Cute, right? Look at the name of the boat (Mälardrottningen). So many letters!

BF had the smarts to upgrade to a "Deluxe" room for us which was lovely of him but it was er...very cosy and had bunk beds- let the romance begin! It was tiny, but still comfy. We didn't mind at all (besides, we're only little).

The most fascinating part of our cabin was the bathroom. It was really cool. Look at it in pictures.

Normal albeit small bathroom

Moving bathroom wall

Ta-da- Shower!

I was so impressed with the genius use of small spaces!


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