November 20, 2010


Do you remember the movie, "While you were sleeping" with Sandra Bullock? She's a subway money collector and pretends she's Peter Gallagher's fiance, but while he's in a coma she falls in love with his brother. (I would too, have you SEEN Peter Gallagher's eyebrows?). Anyways, in the movie she said that one of her dreams is to fill up her passport with stamps.

I remember watching this when I was younger and saying- "Sandy, that's a great dream." I'm going to wish and hope I get to fill up my passport with glorious stamps too.

Well, guess what kids, I did it!!! :) Going to Sweden last week, put me over the edge, and I have no more blank pages or places to put stamps. So yesterday, I headed to the home country (the US embassy that is) and got more pages added to my passport. Yeah! I had renewed my passport right before I moved over to Ireland, and I can't believe I filled it up in only 2 years. Here's to more fun adventures in the upcoming years (until I fill it up again- fingers crossed!)


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