November 24, 2010


Yesterday my friend R invited me to the a movie premier for the new Brad Pitt/Will Farrell movie Megaminds. Fun! I was really excited about it, and we rushed off after work to head to the Savoy on O'Connell street with my other friends S &S. We only had 15 minutes before the movie started, and we were STARVING, so popped into the Burger King next door for a quick bite to eat.


We grabbed our food, sat down and ate quickly ate as to not miss the movie. As we were getting ready to go, I picked up my coat and discovered... no bag. What the heck? "Girls, where's my bag? It's not funny, hand it over."

 Turns out, I was robbed :( It's a sketchy area to begin with so I should have been more aware. I just left it on the back of my chair and no one noticed anyone coming near. Anyways, I had to file a police report and the shannigans was all just a big pain in the a@#$. The only funny thing was, I was talking to the police and told him that my purse was stolen. He asked me what was in there and I listed it out "ipod, camera, phone, etc" and he was like "all in a purse"? I had forgotten that "purse" really means "wallet" over here. ;)

So after a restless night, I came into work this morning and received a phone call from a local pub who had my bag. Amazing! They said it was chucked out on the streets, but someone brought it into their pub. So I ran over there and although my ipod, phone and camera were gone, my wallet, keys and lip gloss (all five of them!) were still there. And the biggest worry was my freaking stupid immigration card. Although I could have gotten it replaced, I was NOT looking forward to sitting in that hellish building for 8 hours.

Anyways, everything is coming up roses for me. My pal K had a spare iPod that she doesn't use anymore so generously gave that to me, and my friend M had an extra phone. Amazing! I have such lovely and supportive friends, and I've learned NEVER to let your bag leave your view...ESPECIALLY in the sketchy area of Dublin.


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