July 16, 2010


I have loved Paris since the time I took my first French lesson in grade school. Although I traveled a bit before moving to Ireland, I had never traveled to Europe. So the first place that BF took me when I moved was Paris. Dream come true!

I obviously wanted a bit of Paris in the home decor. When I saw this at Arnott's, I nearly peed my pants. In love! We quickly purchased it and can't wait to hang it.

I've been on lots of design and home blogs finding ideas for the house and there was a gal who suggested pretty wrapping paper for decor. After researching a bit online, would you believe I found the SAME FREAKING print for um... $4? We paid significantly more, but it's out of print so I'll keep it. Still I'm V mad we paid so much for it. I do love this company though and will probably order another (CHEAP!) print for the house.


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