July 15, 2010


So... we had a plumber over to our house yesterday to make sure the heating is in order. We were debating between oil (which we currently have) and gas. However, the plumber told us our house use to be heat by.... FIREPLACE. Umm... had I known I was buying a house circa 1842, I would have rethought the purchase.

The house was actually only built in the 1980's but this country is so quaint, it was still heating houses by FIREPLACE. I still can't get over it. Picture, me, BF and our ten kids huddled around the fireplace- Angela-Ashes style. Sheesh.

On a funny note. This is a picture of BF checking out how much oil we have in our tank. He has asked me before to stop putting embarrassing pictures of him up online, but I pay him no heed.


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