July 19, 2010

Need a job?

Apply at Google! We're hiring tons of new peeps...seriously there were about 50 new starts last week. If I'm off for two days, I come back and don't know anyone!

Check out the jobs here: http://www.google.ie/intl/en/jobs/dublin/adsales/

If you're interested, send me an email (utran28@gmail.com) with your resume and I'll fast track it to HR. You know you want to. Think of the amazing perks you read about all the time on this blog!


Bronx said...

Just a random q about working overseas with Google. Did you have to get an EU work Visa or Google provided that for you?

If one were to apply for a job at the EU headquarters but are located in the US, how would that work? Is that even possible?

utran28 said...


I actually was working in the US at G before transferring so that was easier for me since they provided the Visa. I think it really depends on your situation (resume, interview, skill set) to see if they would support a visa. Email if you have more questions.


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