January 12, 2010

Indian Illness and Misfortune

While doing research for out travels, every website warned us of the diseases and illnesses that we may encounter.

And the group of us managed to get a lot of them!
- Three out of the four of us traveling together got Delhi Belly. (I have a stomach of steel!), and BF even managed to faint from his due to dehydration.
-Three cases of Bed bugs
- The MOST mosquitoes bites you can imagine. I had 28 on ONE ankle alone. TWENTY EIGHT!!!!
- The bride and groom ended up in the Emergency room on their wedding night because the bride cut her foot and required five stitches.
- One gal got a broken blood vessel in her eye
- One gal hurt her back from the long flight over
- There were many injured toes and feet from playing soccer

And at this very moment, I’m sitting in the ER in Dublin waiting to hear the confirmation that I contracted… DENGUE FEVER. Oh Joy!


Liz said...

It looked like an awesome trip! Dengue Fever?! I just looked that up - yikes. How are you feeling??

utran28 said...

Hiya! Happy New Year! Feeling MUCH better. It turns out I just have A random tropical fever but not Dengue fever :) Depressingly back at work already!

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