January 12, 2010


After being in Delhi for a couple of days, we decided we needed a change of pace and flew to Udaipur. What a difference! It was a smaller city (though still with MILLIONS of people). It was much more calm and not as chaotic. It was voted the top best city to visit by Travel and Leisure. To be honest, there isn’t much going on here. There is a large lake with a massive hotel in the middle of it. It’s famous because the James Bond film Octopussy was filmed there. It was also the site of Elizabeth Hurley’s wedding.

On our way there, I learned that my friend Nelle who has been traveling for a year with her boyfriend, Adam, would also be in India. I had high hopes to meet her but figured India is so big she could be anywhere. But luck was on our side. We happened to be traveling to Udaipur on the same day! And even more lucky, her hotel was less then 100m from my hotel! We ended up meeting for New Year’s eve and celebrated on a lovely roof deck with perfect views of the fireworks.
In front of the fire pit

Some of my favorite images from Udaipur

Laundry Day

So colorful

Relaxing on the roof deck

After a couple of days in Udaipur, we headed to the airport to get to Chennai and you’ll never guess who we ran into….Katy Perry and Russel Brand! After they got engaged! We also ran into Heidi (from the Sugar babes) and her boyfriend (Dave Berry) in the Mumbai airport.

Here's my best shot of Russell Brand without becoming a crazed fan


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