January 23, 2010

Cabin Fever

So I found myself stuck in the house last weekend because I was sooo exhausted from being sick. However, I was not apparently sick enough to not purchase random items off the internet. I'm trying to hold off on buying new clothes for a couple of months (near impossible especially since I'll be going to the states in March.)

The items arrived this week and I'm just getting a chance to use them now. I ordered from Amazon who does free shipping to Ireland over 25GBP (Sweet!). BF needed collar stiffeners (not fun) and then I got myself the Gillian Michaels 30 day Shred workout video and the Travelo purse atomiser.

First, the Gillian Michaels video- My mother and younger sister both recommended Gillian Michaels to me. My mom might be the tiniest person I know and she's super fit! My sister has always had six pack abs (B@#$), but they found the video to be challenging and easy to follow and I agree! It's circuit training and there are three levels. I've only tried the first level so far and it's not too bad (I think last month's boot camp training really helped me here). Looking forward to trying the next two levels.

And the other product I purchased is rather random- a perfume atomiser. I saw it in magazine and it was a total impulse buy but I love it! Since I go to the gym most mornings, this little gem allows me to smell lovely and fresh without having to lug my perfume to the gym with me. It's perfect for traveling as well and SO simple to fill- took 10 seconds. I highly recommend this gem.


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