January 24, 2010

No more Locker Room!

Our lovely little apartment has two bathrooms which to this day I believe is the saving grace in our relationship. Normally I do NOT venture into BF's bathroom because, well frankly, it seems like boy and not in a good cologne kind of way... more like a locker room.

Since BF is out of town for work- Philippines for a week! I have the run of the house and will be having my lady friends over a couple nights this week. BF's bathroom is the guest bathroom so I did a GIRL clean of the place (like actually cleaned not a couple of swipes here and there like BF). I threw in some pretty pink candles (which normally would NOT be allowed in there) and got rid of the locker room smell. I may EVEN take a nice, relaxing bath in there this evening. (I got the smaller bathroom because I got the bigger closet- Priorities!) I might have to talk BF into switching bathrooms with me when he gets home!


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