November 11, 2009


I need an intervention. Please stop me from using my credit card to buy adorable (and cheap US) items online. My parents are yelling at me because the UPS man is making stops at their house EVERYDAY. ekkkkkkkkkks!

I'll deal with the anger once I'm wearing my new coat, boots, dress, sweater. AH! Can't wait to go home. Only 10 more days to America!


Nathalia said...

Wow! You have a very nice blog!

Hi!! my name is Nathalia, originally from Venezuela, but lived a long time in USA, and will be moving to Dublin early 2010 with my hubby.

So I'll be checking your blog, if you don't mind :)


utran28 said...

Hey Natalie! Thanks for reading the blog. Hope you enjoy the move to Dublin! Keep in touch.

Nathalia said...

Thank you for sharing!!!

Oh girl, I can relate so much to this post, the only difference is that I use Ebay, and love it!

I'll be in touch!:)

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