November 10, 2009

Anfield, Liverpool

So last night BF and I left work just a little early to fly over to Liverpool for the evening football match. Due to a slight air delay from Ryanair (no surprise here), we made it just in time for the match- arriving just 2 minutes late. Not too bad.

First off, Liverpool the city. To be honest, we didn't get to see any of it, but I did see a bus with signs to Penny Lane. CUTE! What's not so cute, that freaking song was stuck in my head the entire match.....

Beatle-Mania at the airport

Once we finally made it to the stadium, the crowd was fun and lively. Lots of chanting and singing fights songs. It was actually a really fun game. Just when I thought I was getting my voice back from all the recent weekends away, it's gone again from all the shouting. The game ended in a 2-2 tie... Disappointing.

Can you hear the Liverpool fans chanting "Liverpool" over and over?

Anyways, BF and I then headed to our hotel for the 5 hours that we would stay there since we had a 6:30 flight in the morning and had to wake up WAY to early for it. The place that we were staying- Jury's Inn- was gorgeous! We had amazing views of the Irish sea. It was a nice change to see the Irish sea from the other side as we can see it from our bedroom too.

Here is BF looking for our apartment


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