November 13, 2009


It's that time of year again... Back to immigration for me for a new registration card. Last year I knew someone who knew someone who let me cut the queue. This year not so much (boo!), and I have heard HORROR stories of day long events waiting to get seen and get registered.

Determined not to meet the same fate, I woke up EARLY to get to the Gardai station. As I approached the building, I saw a looooooooooong line snaking around the building. Oh dear! But then realised that it was people on student visas who can't come in until 9:00 (second class citizens. woot woot!). I joined the shorter queue and was in and out in two hours. Not too bad considering the horror stories.

So I'm officially legal again here. YEAH!


Nathalia said...

Hi!! It's me again, today I had so much fun reading your blog from day one!

When you moved to Dublin, we moved from Miami to Madrid, and now another move on the way! But this time I'm so excited! I feel such a great vibe this time...

I don't want to be too pushy,,, but I've got some questions,,, would you mind?

thanks, enjoy your weekend!

Nathalia said...

oops I don't know if the last comment was post as anonimous! anyways! It's me Nathalia:)

utran28 said...

Hi Nathalia,

Glad to hear you enjoyed the beginning of my blog too!

How's Madrid? Where are you now? Definitely don't mind you asking questions at all. Let me know what your email address is and I'll send you an email.


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