November 16, 2009

G is for Gorgeous

This weekend, the girlies (11 in total) and I decided to head off to Galway for a relaxing girlie weekend, and it was FABULOUS!

We rented a private bus which picked us up right in front of the office, and we were on our way. We stayed at the 5 star G Hotel in Galway and I can't say enough good things about this place. The staff were amazingly accommodating, the hotel itself was gorgeous and the bed was probably one of the best I have ever slept in.

Once we got there on Friday night, we went straight to the room to get dressed up and headed out to dinner at a Thai place in town. We then went to a couple of bars and then over to Halo, a nightclub in Galway (One of two!).

Saturday morning we enjoyed a lovely breakfast in the hotel restaurant (Pancakes - Yum!). We then indulged ourselves in the the most amazing spa - so dark, relaxing and warm. I think I could have stayed there forever.

Spa at the G Hotel

After our spa treatment, my roomie and I went into town and walked around for a bit. Even though the weather was so lovely, we wanted to hurry back to the hotel and more specifically the amazing beds! Finally, it was time to get ready for another night out. We went to our friend's room for the X Factor before going to the hotel restaurant for a gourmet 3 course dinner. Full of food, we ended up at the same club again to dance it all off.

After all the lovely girliness I was ready to head home, but as we were waiting for our bus, we got a phone call from the driver. As it turns out our bus broke down. EKKS! We waited 2 hours before they could get another bus. Baring that little crisis, I could not have asked for a better weekend!

Bonus points- I got home and the BF had cleaned the WHOLE house- mopped the floors and everything. He's so well trained!


Nelson said...

Ly! OMG that spa is gorgeous... Now that I know about your blog, I'll visit more frequently!

utran28 said...

The Spa was AMAZING! Thanks for visiting Nelson! :)

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