November 9, 2009

Being Irish-y

So for my one year Irish anniversary, we decided to do some touristy things which we always walk past and never pay attention to.

We started on Saturday with a walk through the Merrion Square Park. I have been past this park a gajillion times since I've moved here as it's on the way to the city, but I have actually never taken the time to go in and look around. We found the much talked about Oscar Wilde statue. I quite liked him with the funny smirk on his face- makes him more interesting then normal statues.

We then headed next door to the National Gallery of Ireland. Best part of the's FREE! As we walked around, we made a promise to visit the gallery more often. (Course this will probably never happen, and we'll never cross those doors again!).

We then had lunch at Bewley's Cafe on Grafton street. This landmark building is in many guide books so we figured we should probably stop in there (as we were being tourists for the day.) Bewley's is famous for their teas.

Finally, for dinner we headed to Tonic in Blackrock which is not touristy at all, but this is the first restaurant that the BF and I went to when I first moved here... go on...ahhhhhhhhh cute! :)


Milli and Fink said...

Hi! My boyfriend and I have just moved to dublin from australia, I was wondering if you knew of any groups or events that you can meet people, I found your blog through a google search
let me know!

Nelson said...

I love the Oscar Wilde statue... it's very him!

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