November 6, 2009

One year!!!!

A year ago today, I was packing up my life and trying to stuff every last possible dress, sweater and shoes into my luggage to move over to the lovely old Emerald Isle.

The year has gone by unbelievable fast. I have made fabulous friends (and managed to keep in touch with all the old ones). I have built a lovely little life for myself with the BF in our cute apartment. And I have been sooo lucky to have the opportunity to travel lots (London, Paris, Prague, Morocco, Croatia, Scotland, Ireland and soon India!)

Below is a very small list of things I've learned about living in Ireland.

- I can cross the street without getting run over.
- It is not that hard to order meat at the grocery store using the metric system.
- My typing fingers can be retrained to substitute "s" for "z" in words like customise, optimise, etc - very popular words for work.
- I can survive not shopping every day after work.
- I also learned that no good store delivers to Ireland when trying to online shop.
- I can estimate how far a kilometer is. (That was a good one for the half marathon!)
- A tea break at 3:00 is a lovely way to spend the afternoon to re-energise at work.
- There really aren't sheep running around all over the place here. No, really!
- The secret to moving in together--- two bathrooms!

To celebrate my one year anniversary tomorrow, the BF and I have plans to do something very Irish-y. Fun fun! Will update when we figure out what we do.


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