November 13, 2013

{Baby Shower}

This weekend, Baby Macs and I were showered with love by our amazing friends and family with a tea party hosted at my house. My older sister planned the whole thing from NYC and didn't forget one little detail - she's amazing!

I was whisked away at 1 with some gals for pre-tea drinking before the tea party (So different then pre-drinking with cocktails before a night out, let me tell you!). When I came back 2 hours later,  my house was transformed with the most lovely decorations, flowers and delicious quiches, cakes and tea!

I loved, loved the activities that were planned and will do a separate post on them.

Get ready for photo overload. Baby Macs is sooo blessed!

One of the activities for the day. 

Amazing food spread! 
The gals made the sweets and the savory items were ordered from Butler's Pantry- Yum! 

Tea Time! 

Apparently, this is suppose to be a sheep :) 

Adorable onesie from my Come Dine with my crew 

The Come Dine with me Gals! 

Me and Baby Daddy! 

Adorable Party Favours! 


Karine Keogh said...

Hey There!

I would love to be in this baby shower! Yummy!

Well, Im that girl who was doing some pole dance classes with you a few years ago!

I just had my 4th baby!

You will gonna love to be a mummy!

All the best!



Ly said...

HI! I haven't gone back to pole dancing in years :) Have you? 4th baby? Oh my gosh. Impressive! Hope all the little ones are doing well! xo

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