October 31, 2013

{ Week 35}

I can't believe I've got five more weeks to go! Here's the bump in all her glory.

Crazy hair from running around getting the house ready for a party. 

My "take the freaking picture already" face

Some things from this week.
  • Hubby's sister had a baby girl this weekend - Little Miss Aisling. We are planning on going to see her in a couple of weeks. I can't wait and will be pushing Hubby to practice some diaper changing. 

  • We hosted an NFL party this past weekend with some Irish pals who pretend to like NFL; hence, the Philadelphia Eagles T-shirt above. 

  • My fingers are getting fat. I think it's almost time to take the jewelry off! 

  • I'm sick of my clothes! But...with only five weeks to go, I'm trying to behave and not buy any more new clothes. I figured I can treat myself after the baby weight comes off (magically fast, right?). On the plus side, I managed to squeeze into my normal jeans with the help of the belly band. I had put them aside thinking I would live in leggings, but I'm so bored of leggings. 

  • I'm still on a reading bender and finished  "A Fault in Our Stars" this weekend. It was a lovely quick read that made me cry and cry, but... I think that's the pregnancy hormones since lots of books have recently been making me cry.

  • I've started Christmas shopping. I love this time of year, and I'm LOVING getting stuff off my to- do list before the baby comes. 


Daniel Sullivan said...

If you were descending the steps of grand canal dock this morning with an orange juice then may I apologise for a momentary double take and for not saying hi and g'luck. I had the 'is that? Do you say hi to people from the net? Stop that you must look like you are scanning faces for escaped prisoners' freeze. If it wasn't then that's one awkward situation dodged but but another created. Anyway best of luck to all 3 of ye.

Ly said...

That was me... I'm drinking the OJ as I type! You should have said Hi!!! I'm usually in my own world in the AM, and didn't even notice the double take :) Thanks for the well wishes. Next time say hi!

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