October 21, 2013

Weekend Recap

And....we're officially boring! The wedding season is over. We're not planning anymore holidays, and it's no longer fun to stay out until 4 in the AM. I've got nothing to entertain you with. This weekend, we...

  • Looked for a house cleaner (See?! BORING) 
  • Watched a lot of baseball (Red Sox) and football (Eagles and Patriots) 
  • Went for probably our last dinner and movie date for the next 18 years. We watched Prisoners which was good and suspenseful. 
  • I finished up A Beautiful Day (easy light reading) which was really necessary after finishing up Still missing  and A House in the Sky (both books about kidnappings and so was the movie. I sense a theme here.) 
  • We also went to Kiliney hill because I got a new camera and wanted to test out how to use it. (I don't know what to do with it as you'll see in the pics below). 
How was everyone's weekend? Any book suggestions!? 

The Witch's Hat 

Irish Sea 

Walks in the park at Dusk 

Probably our last movie date for the next 18 years?! 


brittany said...

haha! i think everyone has those spells where they feel a little boring!! and such beautiful photos!! a new camera is so not boring ;)

Ly said...

A new camera IS boring if you barely know how to use it. Your photos are inspiring me to get my act into gear and learn how to use it before the baby comes :)

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