August 28, 2013

Wedding in Hvar!

My long overdue wrap up of our holiday in July (epps, how is it almost the end of August already!).

We were in Hvar for a friend's wedding. It has changed slightly since we were last there in 2009. Maybe because I'm getting older, but it seems much more like a party island then it did before. We were catching up with friends over drinks (smoothies for me, beers and cocktails for everyone else) and there was a massive spring break-like party going on in the place next to where we were sitting. It was only 5!

Some pics from the wedding. They hosted the ceremony in this lovely ruin and then we took boats to a small island off Hvar. After the reception, there was another boat to another island for some clubbing. Hubby and I took the old people boat home instead. :)

Gorgeous wedding venue! 

Lady friends and the bride
Guess no one wanted to look in the same direction! 

Reception by boat! 

The Bride and Groom's James Bond-like entrance by speed boat (with flares!)

Hubby and I at the reception- Gorgeous views! 

Not a proper Irish wedding until the boat is rocked! 


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