August 29, 2013

Kotar, Montenegro

After our friends' wedding, we headed back to Dubvronik for the evening to get ready for our bus trip the next day to Kotar. Since we had already been to Dubvronik, we wanted to check out another place in the area (and also tick off another country!)

While it was lovely and a quick day trip, I don't think I would base myself around Kotar for more then a day or two. It has a small town square and some lovely views, but that was it. It was very relaxing though.

 View of the Fjord 

 City walls 

Sitting on the dock of the bay! 

Watermelon juice! 
I became obsessed with watermelon over the summer. 
This is the first place outside of India where I found watermelon juice. YUM!  


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