August 15, 2013

Nursery Inspiration

We started the process of clearing out the smallest bedroom (or as the Irish call it, the box room) several weekends ago and have made great progress on the nursery so far. Because it's such a small room, there's not much to do with it as really nothing can fit in it!

I was debating between light and airy with lots of neutrals, or going really bold and dark. Clearly, we went with bold and dark.

Get to work, hubby! 

I need to pick up the little pieces to "make" the room (mirrors, linens, decor, etc) but inspiration for the room is below! 

The little baby feet! 


brittany said...

i know the room is going to look so beautiful! love those inspiration photos!

Ly said...

Thanks Brittany! We're soo excited to get it sorted! :)

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