July 26, 2013

Sun Day

I've mentioned it several times in the past couple of posts, but the weather here has been beyond amazing. In the past 3 summers that I've been here, I've not experienced anything like it. Everyone is saying there hasn't been a summer like this since 1995- 18 years!!!! At this rate, the baby will be in college before we get another scorcher.

When I grew up in the East coast, we would have snow days in the dead of winter when the city was buried in sun. Last week, we had a "Sun Day" at work. They let us out early to go play in the sun because it's so rare :)

We've been taking full advantage!

1. Afternoon walks at Castle Durrow 
2. Beaching it at Inchydony, Cork 
3. A very happy pint of Murphy's 
4. Our blooming rose garden! 
5. Daily cookouts
6. Kinsale 
7. Al Fresco Juicing 
8. Picnics at Powerscourt Waterfall 


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