May 6, 2013

Aobaba - Vietnamese Baguettes in Dublin!

I was doing a bit of research this past week and guess what I found?! ANOTHER Vietnamese restaurant. HURRAY! It's called Aobaba and is located on Capel Street. I had some errands to run on Saturday so headed in that direction and grabbed some items to take home and eat in our sunny backyard. (BTW, this is set up more like a cafe then a restaurant. It's not full service dining, but there are some tables that you can sit and have your meal).

Abbreviated menu 

I ordered 3 Vietnamese Baguettes, Summer rolls (but mistakenly got Spring rolls- or maybe I mistakenly ordered them- not sure.) and Banh Cuon.  I didn't take any pictures because I was too busy wolfing everything down, but I would definitely go back again.

  • The Vietnamese Baguettes were not as AMAZING as the ones (not a lot of meat in the sandwich) that I get in say San Francisco or Boston, but they were a good substitute. Also they were the size of my arm. No joke. For 4 euros, I would definitely be going back to get more. 

  • The Spring Rolls-I thought I had ordered summer rolls (was trying to be healthy), but when I got home I had spring rolls in my bag. I was a little bit sad, but I got over it quickly. These tasted like my grandmother's egg rolls which are very different from my mother's egg rolls. It has pork and mushrooms where my mom uses chicken, carrots and bean thread (thin, clear noodles). Still delicious though! 

  • Banh Cuon- This was my favorite of all the dishes probably because I can probably make the above two but have no idea how to make this one. It was delish and tasted like my grandmother's. I would DEFINITELY come back for this dish. 
I highly recommend this place. It's really inexpensive and relatively authentic. Enjoy! 


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