April 30, 2013

The Lovely (albeit foggy) Alps!

This past weekend, I packed up my little suitcase and headed to Geneva to meet my pal Laura for a weekend girly date in Geneva. (Hubby went to meet with friends in London so clearly I HAD to get away as well.)

I landed in Geneva and spent the afternoon walking around there. To be 100% honest, there isn't too much to see or do. No major sites or attractions and the shopping and restaurant area is relatively small (compared to say Dublin which is saying ALOT since I think Dublin is quite small).

We then took the train up to Montreux which was AMAZING (!!!!) and the only 5 hours in the whole long weekend when there was sun. The rest of the weekend it rained so Laura and I took the train to check out Lausanna (30 minutes between Geneva and Montreux). The weekend was filled mostly with eating and sitting in cafes having chocolate croissants (Yum!).

While I enjoyed the catch up time with my pal, I wouldn't go racing back to this area unless I'm a skier (which I'm not) or if it was really warm and sunny as I imagine the lake is gorgeous in the summertime.

View of the Alps from our balcony

Lake Geneva in Montreux

 Bliss! We spent quite a bit of time sitting here soaking up the short time we had sun. 

Cloudy view of the Alps 

When in Geneva... Cheese and chocolate fondue. So decadent! 


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