January 21, 2013

Weekend Visitors

One of my best buds from the States and her hubby came to visit over the weekend. They could not have picked a WORSE weekend. It was SO cold here. I use to have a long commute with no problems through New England's snowy, sleety winters. Now... a drop of snow has me huddling underneath my blankets.

We DID manage to enjoy some Irish culture (ie, Fireplaces with pubs) and did the tinest bit of walking to give them a taste of the seaside.

Dun Loaghaire Pier 

We ditched the boys for a couple of hours.
 I took her to my favorite cocktail place and forced her to have one of my favorite cocktails. 


My date and I 


They are off to Galway to experience what I'm sure will be more snow and ice, and then I'll meet up with them one more time before they head back home. 


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