January 15, 2013

{To do - 11}

While work is lovely (sometimes), it's not all free food and massages. It's stressful as well! I decided to try Acupuncture to see if it would help calm me down and relieve some of the stress.

I went last week, and I'm still uncertain. I mean how can you be calm and relaxed when you've got needles sticking out of you! I wasn't sure what to expect when I went, but it was relatively painless. I arrived and the therapist asked a bunch of questions and then decided on a course of treatment.

Then, I laid down and received 8 needle pricks. Then you're suppose to relax for 20 minutes for the needles to do it's magic. The pricks didn't hurt but moving with the needles did which makes sense as they are suppose to stimulate blood flow.

Unfortunately, no pictures as I was told to relax without my phone. Typically, you're suppose to go for 4 weeks at least to feel the affects. I'm up to 2 weeks but uncertain I will continue.

California - Photo from my sister 


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