December 10, 2012

The sights of Hyderabad

I usually don't get too jet lagged, but this trip to India was a doozy! I spent a lot of time in meetings or trying to sleep so didn't get to see the Falaknuma Palace and have high tea ;( (Next time!) 

We did get to see some sites including Charminar which is a mosque and monument. Below are some of the pics. 

View from the top of Charminar. Look at the traffic and people! 

My trip to India this time was not as overwhelming as my last trip (maybe because I was working and maybe because I didn't get so sick). The country is sooo full of people but the funny thing is- I was chatting with one of the work girls and they couldn't believe how quiet Ireland was. They were like were are all the people?! Totally different POV's. 

Palace near Charminar 

Water feature in Charminar 


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