December 5, 2012

Pi & Coconuts

One of the work gals had a birthday yesterday. To celebrate we went to the movies and went out to dinner. The movie experience in India was very fun! Aside from having popcorn, samosas and small Indian snacks were sold at the theatre. We went to see "Life of Pi". I've never read the book (considering it a bit too spiritual and deep for my tastes), but really enjoyed the movie (probably because I had no expectations). The movie was beautifully done with amazing scenery and colors. As it was centered around India and Hindu and spirituality, it was very appropriate to be watching IN India.

During intermission (Yes, you heard that right!), the movie vendors come by and take food orders. I could barely concentrate on the second part of the movie with the delicious smells of curry and samosas wafting around me.

After the movie we went to dinner at N-Grill a lovely restaurant near the office.

I tried the young coconut martini which combined all the things I love about beverages- watermelon juice (new favorite), coconut juice (old favorite) and vodka (all -time favorite).  The drink container? Way better then a normal Martini glass! 


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