November 26, 2012

Pho Mile

Before our trip this weekend, Hubby did a bit of research on places to go and see and happened upon the wondrous Pho Mile.

It's located in Shoreditch, and while not really a mile, it was the best place we went to over the weekend. There were 15 restaurants (I counted) along the 2-3 city blocks.

On the first day (oh yeah, we went twice), it was waaay past lunch time (around 4:30) when we ended up on Kingsland Road. We got off at the Liverpool Street tube stop which is a bit away from the start. I was delirious from hunger and excitement (mostly excitement), and I kept thinking I smelled pho (which is not true since we weren't close).  When I saw the neon flashing lights of the first restaurant, I knew we had found it!

Our first stop was the Mien Tay restaurant.  The place was owned by a Mr. Tran (like my dad) and a Ms Le (like my mom). It was fate that we popped into this place. It was delicious. Hubby had grilled pork rice noodles and I had grilled pork spring rolls. Total cost 13 pounds. AMAZING.

You know it's an authentic restaurant, when you see one of these bad boys in the corner! 

Beyond excited! 

We came back to the Pho Mile for lunch the next day. I had the hard decision of going back to a place I knew was amazing, or trying something new. We ended up going to Song que. Meh. It was good (definitely better then no Vietnamese food), but it wasn't as good as the first place. was expensive 16 pounds for lunch! (kidding...) 

The lobsters! 

My Pho

I loved the whole experience and would happily have spent my entire weekend here. One word of note, be careful of the too nice looking restaurants. We passed a couple that had cocktails and fanciness, and it definitely didn't have an authentic menu. In general, no fuss decor = amazing, authentic food!


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