November 26, 2012

London Town

Hubby and I have been to London several times (mostly with work -he's back again tomorrow!), but we haven't really gotten a chance to see the sights of London. This weekend, we decided to spend time touring around the city. It's such a lovely place! We had one nice sunny day and one terribly rainy day. 

We visited the following sites: 
  • Victoria & Albert Museum - Loved it. It's free admission and the building is nice and grand. There was a fashion exhibit, and I really enjoyed it (Hubby, not so much). 
  • Pho mile -AMAZEMENT (requires its own post) 
  • The Natural History Museum - Meh... more for kids, but it's free so worth a pop into the museum to see the elevator ( I know, random.)
  • Platform 9 and 3/4!!!! 
  • The British Museum - Really enjoyable. I particularly liked the "Enlightenment Room". It was set up like an old library.  
  • Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park - Lovely and large Christmas market. One of the biggest ones I've ever been to. 
  • Thanksgiving Dinner at a friend's house- American Pumpkin pie. YUM! 

Planning our trip 
Planning our trip

Victoria and Albert Museum 

Typical London 

Gorgeous Sky! 

Winter Wonderland with new friends 

The Big Wheel at Hyde Park 

The British Museum in the rain 

Pumpkin and Pecan Pie! YUM! 


Michelle said...

How long do we have to wait until the Pho Mile post? I might just fly over for that!

Also love Kieran's broken umbrella, classic.

Ly said...

Just until tomorrow... it was so good...totally worth flying over for! :)

The umbrella....this is why I never have one. They are useless in the wind!

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