November 8, 2012

Fade Street Social

Last night, my lady friends and I headed to one of the newest restaurants in Dublin - Fade Street Social owned and operated by Masterchef star Dylan McGrath.

Holy Celtic Tiger!

The massive restaurant was packed with gals dripping with diamonds and designer handbags sipping cocktails -very Sex and the City.

The gals and I started with some lovely red wine and ordered 10 different dishes between us (and 4 desserts). My favorites were the Lobster Hot Dog  (reminded me of a New England summer) and the Pumpkin Macaroni.

It's a lovely place for a treat, but I definitely wouldn't go there often. See that teeny tiny burger below? 8 euros. EKKS!



Abby Hock said...

Thanks for sharing. I've been wondering how this place is... will have to give it a try! Nice new look to the blog, btw

Abby Hock said...

Oh my gosh, I'm sorry... I just realized I sent you a comment a few times.. I thought it wasn't working until I realized you had the approval feature on... oops! :/

Ly said...

Hi Abby!

Not to worry at all! I do that ALL the time :) I'm glad you like the new look.

Do you watch Masterchef? I only started watching it after going to dinner at his place. He's not a very nice man :)

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