August 27, 2012


Tallinn for some reason was my least favorite city. It was rainy for the majority of the time we were there. Also, I did NOT pack appropriately for a trip to the Baltic region. Even though it was summer, the rain made it a bit chilly- no colder then Dublin but without the proper clothes, I was grumpy the whole time we were walking around the old town.

Also, huge cruise ships docked into the city so there were very large tour groups taking over the area. It was a medieval town and set itself up for tourists which I didn't like- tons of tourist shops and people dressed in costumes.

Interesting fact I learned about Tallinn/Estonia - Due to being under communist rule, bananas and pineapples were not introduced to the country until 1991. Strange, right?

On the way to Tallinn 

Old Town  
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Estonian Lady. So sad I can barely reach this child's play thing. 

August 20th Memorial (for Independence). We were there on that exact day (without planning) . 

Finally some sun! The old town square 

Gorgeous City 

Borrowing hubby's fleece to stay warm - BRRRR!!! 
Loved sitting here and having dinner in the window!


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