July 23, 2012

Weekend recap

I had the most glorious and productive weekend and definitely made the most of this summery weather (temperature wise, it was definitely pretty cloudy at the weekend).

Friday night, I went to dinner with my friend Anita. We headed first to Harry's on the green for cocktails. Great cocktails, bad service :(. After our drinks, we headed to Neon 17 for Asian food. It was soooo good. We chatted and ate curries and drank wine. After filling up on the delish food (and getting the free ice cream!), we headed to the Westbury for one more cocktail. I got the Valentino's kiss and I highly recommend it. It tasted like Orange Julius's (anyone?) strawberry shake. YUM!

So good! 
Saturday, Hubby and I were lazy and didn't get moving until late afternoon. We headed into town for a picnic lunch on Stephen's green and then walked over to Merrion Square for the Street Performers festival. We pop in every year and enjoy it - though it's not the BEST thing in the world :)

Large crowd for some acrobats 

Cute tree decor 

Elmo- (for my nephew).
I loved these ballon creations. They were so good and detailed! 
Finally, on Sunday, I had some gal pals over for a BBQ. The only bad part of the weekend - I set our deck on fire. EKKS! I know, idiot! 

I had set the picnic table with a table cloth and lit a candle to keep the bugs away and left it unattended. You can see where this is going :( Hubby came out 10 minutes later and there was fire in several places on the deck. However, after that fiasco, the BBQ was a success! I didn't take pictures cause I was so busy trying not to set the place on fire :) 


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