July 20, 2012


Yesterday, we got to leave work early for a team outing. The sun was shining (again!) which was lucky since a Viking tour was organised. It's a tour on the open-air, old WWII boats that go both on-land and in the water. I kept calling it the Duck tour since that's what they call it in Boston- Quack!

The tour was great, and I would recommend it to any of my tourist friends. The guide was witty and funny, and I learned some new facts about Dublin which I never knew (won't spoil the surprise here).

Terrible pic of me (ekks-chipmunk cheeks), but I got to wear the hat! 

Rival Vikings on the Liffey 


Liz said...

Wow - you must have taken that shot right outside my old apartment building on the Grand Canal! We overlooked U2's recording studio and the new Facebook HQ. I miss Dublin so much!

utran28 said...

Aww... memories! How's Massachusetts treating you?

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