June 26, 2012


Venice was our first stop in Italy. It's funny when you go to places and think it looks like it should be in Disneyland cause it's so fake and perfect looking - that was Venice.

We had a day there and I thought that was the perfect amount to explore the quaint city streets. We spent a lot of time just walking around and stopping in random places for our picnic lunch and prosecco.

Grocery shopping for our picnic 

Getting ready to see Venice!! 

Public drinking :) 

St. Mark's Basilica 

Pretty Venice.  I LOVED the flowers they had everywhere 

Gondola parking station 

Along the edge of Venice 

Not sure what this building is- Bad tourist 

Prosecco along the Pier 

Sunset by the Rialto 


Kristen said...

I have always wanted to go to Venice - lucky you!

On another note, how does one get an awesome job working for Google in the UK?! Do tell! :)


utran28 said...

I really enjoyed Venice. My second favorite place in Italy after the Cinque Terre area (which you'll read about shortly!)

With regards to getting a job here, I actually started in the Boston office and transferred over :) If you're interested in more info or want to apply, let me know at utran28@gmail.com :)

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