June 27, 2012


After our time in Venice, we took the train to Florence for a three day stay. The train was super easy so I highly recommend it if you're looking to travel in between cities. It only took 1.5 hours.

A couple things about Florence in June.

  • It is FREAKING hot. Like complained-like-a baby-while-walking-around hot. We may or may not have gotten into one or two fights while Hubby dragged me around town.
  • It is FULL of American tourists. I felt like I was back at home. We made friends with a lovely couple who were over on their honeymoon while we were waiting in line to enter a museum (see below). 
  • You have to wait a very, very long time in queues for museums. Lucky for us, we're not cultured and didn't go inside the Duomo or the famous Uffzi museum. You can make reservations to skip the queue we later found out.
  • You can avoid the long lines if you go near the time the museum closes. We did do one tiny bit of culture and visited the Accademia museum to see the statue of David.  (Totally impressive...it was huge!  The statue that is ...get your minds out of the gutter!) We queued for only about 15 minutes.

Packing our bags for our daily picnic (Prosecco at the ready!) 

Outside the Uffizi Museum. If you don't want to queue, there is a lovely outdoor area with sculptures.
We figured that was enough culture 

The Ponte Vecchio
This was the height of heat and crankiness hence the awkward face and pose. 

Resting. This Piazza was blocked off for a concert. We think maybe Madonna? 

Tiny and yellow. This car should belong to me! 

Ran into a random parade 

Outside the Duomo- Randomly, this picture looks photoshopped. 

First of many gelatos 

You couldn't take a picture of the actual David, but it was this size in scale. See what I mean about huge? :)
(This was outside the real David Museum- pretty good consolation prize) 

 Group shot! 

Our new buddies- bonding in the way we know best! 


rach said...

Looks like you guys had fun, even with the heat! Italy gets ridiculously hot in the summer! We were in venice and Rome before and i was soo hot (and if I was hot, the hubs must have been near melting since irish people cant take any sort of warm temps!) We got into our first real "fight" in rome...involving an 8 euro bottle of coke. Oy. I would love to go to Florence...but maybe in the springtime! haha

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