June 1, 2012

The City of Brotherly Love

In between all the wedding fun and food, Hubby and I did get a chance to tour around Philadelphia. I was born and raised here (in the 'burbs) and went on numerous school trips here, but I never really hung out in the city so it was nice to walk around in the hot, HOT sun.

We managed to hit all the hot spots of Philly (except the art museum- aka the Rocky steps). Below are some of my favorite pics.

So very necessary after a bit of drinking and karaoke. Full of delicious foods and treats! 

Oh sisters! This park had fun oversized game pieces (Monopoly above) 

Same park with bingo pieces and the most adorable baby! 

The famous Love Park in Philadelphia 

Historic Philadelphia 

Sunny picnic with Dunkin Donuts. YUM! 

Independence Hall- USA! USA! 

Closer picture of Independence hall 

Charge! I forgot to note who this staute is...maybe Washington? Jefferson? 

Creeping on colonial ladies 

We stole a baby! How adorable are his fat cheeks?! (My friend's baby)

Walk in the park with my good buddy and her baby 

Irish Famine Memorial 

Liberty Bell. 


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