May 30, 2012

Family Antics Weekend

What a fabulous weekend with the family! The wedding was a weekend long event. On Friday (just as we arrived), there was a 7 course rehearsal dinner (yum!) and then a karaoke session. It was so much fun and so much food.

Some of the family :)

Someone's mad I took his song during karaoke 
The next day, barely recovered, we headed to the church for a lovely wedding ceremony. The bride wore a gorgeous dress that use to belong to her mother (cute) and the mass was in half English and half Vietnamese. Hubby was VERY confused. Get ready for loads of photos!

Bride and Groom

My entire family
All the cousins! 

Dancing with Hubby
Me and my dancing momma

Me and my favorite baby! 
The weekend ended with one more reception on Sunday night which was Vietnamese style (in a Vietnamese restaurant) with a TWELVE course dinner. I actually can no longer see my feet. Kidding! Stay tuned for some touristy Philadelphia pics from our trip!


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