March 13, 2012

Life at it's finest

I've been busy busy and so this particular post is delayed. (I just reviewed some of my last posts and all of them are delayed. ekks!) Moving on...things that make me happy this week!

Daffodils! I don't even really like them but they are the first flower of spring and they are blooming like crazy in our garden. Hubby cut some down and put them in our sun room. Our very first set of home grown flowers! I forgot to take pictures so this will have to do 


Reading in the sun in our garden. It finally feels like spring!

Hubby and I went on a date at the weekend. Rugby watching and then dinner at TGI Friday's. I cringe writing that sentence but he has a fondness for that restaurant so there you go. 

Happy Belated Birthday, Buddy!

My new workout routine. Now that I'm done not training for the half -marathon, I've started a new work out routine I found on Pinterest. There's a different set of training everyday. So far, I've done Monday and Tuesday and I really like it!

Finally, booking a trip to Hamburg for the end of April. This is for work so while I hope to see something gorgeous like this: 

I will more likely be here :( 


Rose said...

Yay for the Dublin sunshine! Love that workout routine... could you post the other days or provide a link where I could find them? :)Happy hump day!

utran28 said...

Hi Miss Rose,

I don't know exactly where the original plan is from but it's all pinned on my pinterest board here (

Also Friday is 20 minutes cardio and then a repeat of any of the days of your choosing. I just couldn't find the actual pin.

Also, I found that it's not that huge of a work out (like only three different exercises?) so I do one of the other circuits on my board as well.

Happy Thursday!

Rose said...

Aw, thanks!

I didn't know you started doing search marketing! Do you do search for Google?

Also, funny story - I've been reading your blog for a while now and came across it because a girl from England found my blog and was looking to move to Dublin. At the time I had a blog called "A California Girl in Dublin" and from her saw your American Girl in Dub blog :)

utran28 said...

I've been doing SEO/SEM in agencies for about 5-6 years before going to Google. I worked in SEM for Google for about 3 years and now I'm on the policy team - taking down porn, drugs and alcohol off the internet...all the fun things in life :)

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