March 7, 2012

Allez, Allez

Well, dear readers, I'm alive in writing this so you know I survived the half marathon. I was sooo grateful that our hotel was right by the start and finish line! To be honest, I was doing ok until the last mile. That's when I realised I probably should have run more then three miles in the past 6 months for this half marathon. Regardless, it was done! 

Ready to run with my running buddy

The event itself was lovely....Well, as lovely as can be when you're running around in the cold with 25 thousand people.  I didn't bring my camera (no need to weigh myself down) so you'll have to make do with these pictures from the site. We ended up running along the Parc Floral, along the Seine to Notre Dame. We then looped back through a small shopping district (which provided HUGE motivation for me... "Finish this buy that purse. Don't puke buy those shoes") to finish at the parc. 

I'm so glad it's over. I will never sign up for another half marathon again! 



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