November 21, 2011


Honeymoon post! After two weeks of camping and being with other people, Hubby and I said our goodbyes and headed to the relaxing, romantic part of our honeymoon- Pongwe Beach in Zanzibar.

As we pulled into the tiny airport, the weather wasn't great- gray and humid, with a potential chance of rain. As we pulled into the resort, it started POURING. The rain didn't stop the entire first day we were there. Waa. But to be honest, I really didn't care because in the resort, we had our own...TOILET! YEAH! Seriously, I was so happy to have a toilet in the room. I have never in my life spoken so much about my bathroom habits then when we were camping. Between looking at animals, it was a constant debate on whether I should drink more water, when would the next bathroom stop be and would I risk going out in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom or is it better to stay in the tent and ensure I wasn't eaten by buffalo? :)

We were only at the resort for 3 days and 2 of those days, it rained HARD. We did have one sunny day, which was breezy and even though I reapplied sunblock, loads, I got burnt- second time in my life :(

Welcome Drinks 

How lucky am I? 

Our little hut (with it's own toilet!) 

Not a bad view! 

First day... pure gray weather 

View from the pool 




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