November 16, 2011

80's Rewind

Annually, we have a conference at work, and it was this week. I love these conferences because it reminds me how awesome my company is and how grateful I am to work here (Yes, I drink the kool-aid).

Last night we had an end-of-event celebration, and they held an 80's affair at the conference center. It was soooo much fun! The gals and I got decked out in 80's gear for the party. I even CRIMPED my hair, and my favorite 80's cover band Spring Break were there.

There was a special surprise guest at the party as well. Scroll down to find out who it is...

Decked out with crimped hair. 

Special guest Lionel Richie? Nope... keep scrolling 

Maggie Thatcher? No no... even better

Boy George!! 
Our special guest was Boy George. He was our Dj for the evening. How cool!? 


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