November 29, 2011

Study abroad visitors

This weekend, Hubby and I hosted my best friend from high school's husband's sister (got that?) and her two friends. The gals are studying abroad in Italy and wanted to visit Dublin. (Plus they were really keen on staying in a house that spoke English- something we can provide!)

We took them for long walks along the Irish sea, had pints and went out on the town. We showed them some bars and then they showed us some bars...mainly where the Trinity Irish students hang out (they had friends studying abroad here).

Hubby and I felt like the old, creepy couple hanging out with college students (which we were!), but the music was good, and we had a great time!

After sleeping until noon the next morning (when hanging out with college students, do what they do, right?), we sent them off into town while we I cooked Thanksgiving dinner. Not gonna lie, it turned our really well. The turkey was perfectly cooked, and the stuffing was AMAZING. I used this recipe but added apples.

Hubby and the ladies in front of Trinity 

My confused Thanksgiving table (with Christmas napkins)

American Friends! 


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