October 19, 2011

Vietnamese Tea Ceremony

Our wedding day started early, beginning with a Vietnamese Tea Ceremony. To be 100% honest, I wasn't sure what the heck was going on during the whole thing! :) The basic premise is that Hubby has to come over bearing gifts to present to my family to ask for my hand in marriage. Cute! After that, we pay respects to our ancestors and then serve tea to the elders in our family. Oh and the most fun part, the bride gets "dressed" with jewelry - now that's a tradition I can buy into!

Here are some pics from the tea ceremony:

My favorite baby!
The gifts 
Getting dressed 

Peeking out the window to see what is going on! 

The groom's family and friends -ready for the procession
Giggles before I'm "presented" to the crowd

Getting jewels! 

Serving tea- I always feel very Mulan-like when I pour tea 

Laughing at my dad's jokes! 

The incense

One big happy family!

Formal picture down by the lake


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