October 16, 2011

Pre-wedding festivities

Hubby and I drove up to the house on Thursday before the wedding, and before we even settled into the house we headed over to city hall to get our marriage certificate!! YEAH! Did you know, that you can get married at the age of 13 in New Hampshire? Nuts!

Marriage Certificate! 
We then spent the day organising the house for the wedding.

Working hard

Hubby's parents and sisters flew in on Thursday, and can you believe after ten years of dating, this was the first time our parents were going to meet? Hubby and I conveniently missed the first meeting because we were running errands. I was slightly worried as his parents have pretty thick Cork accents and my parent's have very heavily Vietnamese accented English. Luckily, all went well!

On Friday, my sisters, mom and I had appointments for mani's/pedi's. It was sooo lovely to spend some time with the gals and even lovelier because this was my first pedicure...EVER!

Getting pretty with mommy
Finally, after we finished at the beauty salon, it was time to sort out the flowers- nothing like leaving it to the last minute. I was cheap  wanted the flowers to look really natural and not very bridal so I thought it would be perfect to do the flowers (both bouquets and centerpieces) ourselves. There was a cut flower farm just 5 miles from the wedding house so off we went.

Unfortunately, when we got there, they didn't have tons of flowers. They barely had any flowers at all. Ut-oh. We managed to find some pretty potted plants for the centerpieces and feathery yellow flowers which we thought would work for the bridesmaids. Sadly, there was nothing for me! I am not gonna lie, I was pretty near tears. However, my lovely sister/matron of honour, took control. After leaving the  farm, we dropped by a florist and she picked up some simple hydrangeas. When we got home, she pulled the bouquets and centerpieces together and they were EXACTLY what I had imagine. How lucky am I?

Here is the lovely lady, herself, at the farm. 
Flower picking

The scary, before flowers. I didn't think it would work! 

Below are the finished products! 

The lovely bridesmaid's bouquets... natural and airy...just the look I was going for. 
 Gorgeous, no?

My bridal bouquet- Love, love. It was exactly what I wanted...not too bridal and not one of those tightly bunched bouquets. She's amazingly talented (and wait until you see how she did my makeup!)
Bridal bouquet & Table centerpiece


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