September 21, 2011

Wedding Week & Wedding Details

Get ready for loads and loads of post recapping the wedding! It was such a crazy week. We started off with a Wednesday night BBQ at a friend's house in Boston. This is when hubby (EKKS!), first flew into Boston. We went to pick him up and we drove straight to our friend's house.

What I miss most about living in Dublin is warm summer nights- having a couple of drinks outside.... Luckily we got the most perfect weather at the BBQ and the hostess was fantastic... Amazing BBQ, peanut butter cupcakes and champagne.... I don't think we could have asked for a better night!

Besides that I spent the week pulling together the programs, guest seating charts and finalising the centerpieces.

A quick look at the work, my mom and I did from our wedding photographers!

- Remember my cake toppers? Here they are in all their glory. I love them!

- To the right are straws with colorful flags that I made using cocktail straws and Washi tape. I am slightly obsessed with the washi tape... There were tons left over from the wedding so I can't wait to use them in other post wedding projects.
- Up until Wednesday, I had no idea what to do for a seating plan. Randomly, Ms. Martha Stewart sent me an email about seating plans - like a fairy godmother- and I copied her idea. Branches, decorative paper and calligraphy.

- Our centerpieces! The lovely pots from hobby lobby that I was obsessed with and then some potted plants thrown in.... We had 4-5 different shaped pots with 4-5 different flowers that worked well together. 
- A lovely little sign we had for our bar. 

Below are my programs and confetti bags. I debated a long time about the confetti, but I'm so glad I got them! We have one of the best pictures from the wedding (so far) with the confetti.

See? Happy and confetti-ed!

I'll try to space out wedding posts between other updates. xx


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